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Personalized Medicine and Cancer The discovery of multiple genes for colorectal cancer will lead to diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic targets for the disease. In about two years, we may expect to have available a test for post-surgical colon cancer recurrence that will identify which patients might benefit from chemotherapy. We can expect a tsunami of […]

Weekly Digest of Tweets

Here’s our weekly summary of tweets from @hfdigest, and their significance. Aging We have known for some time that adult stem cells age, as do all our cells. But until recently we did not know we can rejuvenate them—in the petri dish, anyway. This extraordinary breakthrough could make us younger, and not merely stop growing […]

Health Future of 2007: The War on Cancer

On January 15, 2008, in Cancer

Personalized Medicine was our Health Future of the Year 2006. For 2007, the award goes to what — for the moment — amounts almost to the same thing: the War on Cancer.   When FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach predicted, a few years ago as head of the National Cancer Institute, that cancer would effectively […]

War on Cancer

On July 21, 2004, in Cancer

Substantial investments by pharmaceutical firms in biotech firms that are developing cancer drugs is bad news for cancer, as are major efforts to improve on the first generation of anti-angiogenesis drugs, such as one that destroys a tumor’s blood supply without affecting the patient’s normal blood vessels, and an Abbott Labs cancer drug showing promise […]