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Here’s our weekly summary of tweets from @hfdigest, and their significance. Aging We have known for some time that adult stem cells age, as do all our cells. But until recently we did not know we can rejuvenate them—in the petri dish, anyway. This extraordinary breakthrough could make us younger, and not merely stop growing […]

Stem Cells

On September 21, 2006, in Stem Cells

Lost in all the bashing of Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) for giving the impression it had created a human embryonic stem cell line without destroying the embryos from which they were derived (it had actually destroyed 16 embryos to prove the principle) is the vital fact that they have shown it can be done, and […]

Stem Cells

On January 21, 2006, in Stem Cells

The bad news was breaking soon after we published the last issue of the Digest, so it’s a bit dated but too important not to mention here that, with the exception of a cloned dog (no mean feat), the stem cell breakthroughs to which Hwang Woo-suk attached his name and reputation were a fraud. Whether […]

Stem Cells

On November 6, 2005, in Stem Cells

Population aging means heart disease could be a growing burden on healthcare systems the world over, but not if stem cell therapies currently in various stages of development are fully validated and become widely accessible. And the breakthroughs keep on coming. “Labs-on-a-chip” are contributing to stem cell therapy research, stable and pure nerve cells (needed […]

Stem Cells

On September 6, 2005, in Stem Cells

Acceleration in the number of news stories about stem cell therapies and related issues warrants a section to itself this month. The looming elderly boom will overwhelm society’s ability to care for them as they deteriorate. Either we let them rot, or we delegate the task to robots, or we find ways to halt, retard, […]