Robonurse, etc.

Personalized Medicine and Cancer The discovery of multiple genes for colorectal cancer will lead to diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic targets for the disease. In about two years, we may expect to have available a test for post-surgical colon cancer recurrence that will identify which patients might benefit from chemotherapy. We can expect a tsunami of […]

Molecules, Digits, and the Fountain of Youth

Genomic and Molecular Medicine After many attempts over the past two decades, genetically modified mosquitoes may finally have a chance of helping to eradicate the dengue fever with which mosquitoes annually infect 100 million people and cause 500,000 cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever and 22,000 deaths, mostly among children. For the disease of choroideraemia (rarer […]

Digital Medicine

On October 23, 2011, in Digital Medicine

A computer model of early embryonic development in vertebrates is an important step in systems biology and computational biology, two nearly identical fields that will play a growing role in a new branch of medicine we call “digital medicine” by simulating human anatomy, physiology, metabolism and more on a computer. Surgeons already practice such medicine […]