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On October 23, 2011, in Acceleration Uncategorized
  • A European court has ruled that methods using embryonic stem cells for research cannot be patented. If researchers can’t profit from the methods they develop (and without a patent, it is hard to do so) then they will either develop them pro bono publico and let others patent and profit from the methods in regions not affected by the European ruling, or they will follow the money and emigrate to those regions. Europe’s loss may be others’ gain.
  • Google’s self-driving cars are performing fabulously in real traffic. Self-driving vehicles are bound to have some health implications eventually, such as fewer accidents, and how about driverless ambulances?
  • When I posted my child abuse article on the Digest last week I thought I was straying off topic, but upon reconsideration, if my reluctant thesis that child sexual abuse is becoming socially acceptable is true, then the physical and mental trauma of these abused children will be a growing burden on the healthcare system—unless we eliminate the cause. (My article examines the cause.)
  • Excellent first-year results have been reported for a major malaria vaccine trial in 15,000 children in Africa. About 50 percent were protected.

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